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Many churches and ecumenical groups have released resources in response to Covid-19, ranging from details about services being streamed online to advice around supporting mental health in the light of social distancing requirements.

Please find below a sample of these, which will be updated as further resources are produced. Please feel free to contact GMCT with any other examples that you would like to be included. 

North Western Baptist Association.

Baptists Together have produced a guide with advice as well as prayer broadcasts and webinars here

The NWBA has produced a youtube page with worship and prayer resources here There is more reflective material here

An online service can be found here at 10am on Sundays.

The Catholic Church in England and Wales.

Bishop John Arnold (Bishop of Salford) has issued a letter with details of online services of Mass, liturgy and prayer resources, including children's liturgy - here  There is an updated letter from Bishop John on Advent and Christmas here

The Church of England.

Find an online streamed service near you here, and resources, including daily reflections, related to supporting mental health in times of anxiety and loneliness here

An online service can be found here at 10.30am on Sundays.

King's Church.

Live streamed services, 10.30am on Sundays here

Online Zoom groups, and further information here

The Methodist Church.

Guidance and advice, including links to online services and resources for worship at home, can be found here.

The Moravian Church. 

Many churches have lit their Advent stars as signs of hope, and have joined national prayers at 7pm on Sundays with the #candleofhope in windows.

The Salvation Army.

Working hard to support the isolated and vulnerable, and encourages members to pray daily at 12 noon. Letter from Territorial Commander here.

The United Reformed Church. 

The document 'Walking the Way' has a range of resources and can be accessed here

A list of online services can be found here 


The charity youthscape has produced a blog with information and advice for youth ministry during the Coronavirus outbreak, which can be accessed here

24-7 Prayer

Resources including details about a virtual prayer room, a Coronavirus prayer (including one for families), and Lectio-365 digital content can be found here

Covid-19 Resources: About Us
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